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What if your performance and wellbeing were inextricably linked?

As a clinical psychologist I tend to think about psychological health as being our ability to self-regulate; that is to manage life’s challenges with the greatest efficiency. With the widest range of tools and keenest awareness of the possible repertoire of solutions.

I don’t believe in the sunlit upland of constant happiness and I will tell my clients this. The human condition has caused us discomfort since the beginning of humankind.

That’s part of what is beautiful about us. We are complex, ever changing and emotional beings.

What if I said that I can flexibly move between performance coaching and psychotherapeutic techniques when we meet?

That they might not look as different as you imagine.

Sometimes we need to address the barriers that are causing us pain or take stock of our difficult psychological patterns. And sometimes we want to free our energy and take our performance up a notch.

As a clinical psychologist, relational psychotherapist and performance coach this range is part of what I do everyday and have done for many years. I have worked at senior levels in organisations myself and managed staff teams. It makes me a safe pair of hands.

Are you ready to talk about what we can do together? Take some of the weight off your shoulders? Message me for a free coffee chat.


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