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Clinical psychologists and performance: what would it mean to maximise your potential?

Are you getting in your own way?

You might not know this, but as clinical psychologists we are very well equipped to help you improve your performance.

In fact, that’s the aspect of my work that never gets old to me – watching people thrive. It’s the best job satisfaction in the world!

Sure, we can help with your psychological problems, but we can also help you maximise your potential. The most rewarding parts of my work are watching people succeed, to really start to become energized and make the most of their life.

What if I said that all of our training (and there’s many years of that!) enables us to deal with psychological problems, yes, but also the barriers to performance.

Personally, I believe that the same things that keep us stuck in life; that keep coming round in different forms and guises will be exactly the same aspects that impair our performance.

The life patterns that get in the way of your performance may also be the parts that you need to heal. So addressing these will mean that not only will you perform better, but you will feel better. It’s a win win.

Those pesky patterns will come back again and again in all areas of life, if we don’t catch them and start to learn alternatives. That’s very human, it’s the case for all of us, if we don’t become aware and make changes.

I can help you map out your patterns and start to plan ways for you to spot them and get out of your way.

Many of my clients achieve things they never thought possible and it’s a joy to watch!

What would you achieve if you could maximise your potential?


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