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About Me

I offer a collaborative experience in which we will clarify your unique needs and circumstances, whether through a therapy or coaching lens.

We will be in it together each step of the way.

My training as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and also a Relational Psychotherapist allows me great flexibility in how we can work with your situation, which I'm able to see through different theoretical perspectives.


  • We look at how you relate to the wider picture of the people and circumstances in your life.


  • We focus on the present and create space for changes to happen in the here and now.


  • We work with all aspects of you – from the mental and emotional to the physical.

In the NHS I worked in a leadership role across medical psychology to a high level over 20 years.


I am a safe pair of hands in helping you attain a new sense of wellbeing and enjoy a fuller life.


"Listen - are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?

Mary Oliver

Burnout shows up in different guises, from stress and anxiety to depression and depletion. I’ve seen how it can manifest in even the most capable people, and I understand how it may be taking its toll on you now.


Enduring too much for too long may have  impacted your wellbeing in a way you can no longer ignore.

  • You might feel trapped in the career that you’ve devoted yourself to, but don’t know how to either evolve or walk away. 


  • You may have encountered harassment at work or abuse at home, and your body or mind have suffered under the strain.


  • You may feel troubled by a sense that you’re not good enough or not performing well enough. Your confidence and self-esteem are at a low. 


  • As a woman, you may be struggling to deal with the natural biological changes in your body - but aren't getting any support at work or home. 

It's likely that burnout is already costing you dearly in terms of your career, income, health, relationships, wellbeing, happiness and fulfilment.


However you're being affected, the one thing you're clear on is that you cannot move forward alone - you need support.

Thrive Beyond Burnout

Overview of my Core Processes:

  • Schema Therapy

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (3rd generation Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)

  • Relational Psychotherapy (dual qualification as a Gestalt Psychotherapist)

Chartered Psychologist Logo - Individual


“I’ve encountered many people in the mental health system and Kirsty is truly one of a kind. It is rare to see such a blend of skills and qualities in one person. Her technical expertise, breadth of work and life experience, empathic nature, and crucial sense of perspective, enables Kirsty to adopt the position of “fellow traveller” very skilfully. Kirsty’s ability to do this helped to save my life."


- L.H, York

“I highly recommend Kirsty. She perfectly combines professionalism with approachability, making me feel completely at ease in our sessions and allowing me to explore my issues in a safe environment. My mental health has greatly improved with Kirsty's help, to the extent that I have been able to get a job for the first time in four years."


- S.D, York

“I cannot recommend Kirsty Kennedy highly enough. I worked very closely with her in my role as a Clinical Nurse Specialist within the NHS for a number of years. During this time I observed how Kirsty takes a very holistic approach to her consultations, and creates client-practitioner relationships that are empathic and trusting whilst demonstrating professionalism and appropriate boundaries. She values giving her clients time, consistency and a safe space, and I have seen first-hand how these interventions can really help move people forward into positive outcomes."


- Denise Villiers, Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialist

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