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Corporate services

You might want to capitalise on the incisive insight of an experienced practitioner to optimise your professional capabilities or inspire your team. Discover your full potential with my comprehensive Executive Coaching Package. The core programme typically takes place over 8 meetings spanning 4 months and costs £2250.


Within the containment of the coaching structure I will provide expert guidance and support to help you overcome barriers, improve your wellbeing and maximise your performance in your personal and professional life. 


Our coaching programme has a number of stages to the package within which the contents will be tailor made to your individual needs:

  • 90 Minute assessment Meeting: In this standalone session, I will work closely with you to build your personalised 'roadmap'. We'll delve into your goals, identify barriers, and provide clarity and effectiveness through our expertise.

  • Six session exploration phase (50 minute sessions spread over 3 months): Over the course of three months, we'll engage in in-depth collaborative sessions. Together, we'll map out your patterns and create a bespoke diagrammatic representation of your psychological hurdles and resources. We'll reflect on ways to enhance your performance, foster growth, and develop your resourcefulness.  

  • Closing Session: In the final 50 minute session, we'll review the progress you've made, celebrate your achievements, and examine the positive changes you've experienced in your personal and professional life.

  • Email troubleshooting: You can contact Dr Kennedy between sessions to assist in maintaining the momentum of change.

Optional extras:

  • Block of 6 review meetings (50 minutes): One meeting per month to sustain and further build upon your progress. These reviews will allow you to explore and troubleshoot any ongoing changes in your life. Psychological expertise will help you connect these changes to your initial roadmap, ensuring a seamless and cohesive journey.

  • Ad Hoc Follow-ups: As needed or desired, we offer additional follow-up sessions to provide support and guidance whenever you require it.

  • Assessment Report: You can arrange to receive a comprehensive assessment report summarising our findings and highlighting your growth and development throughout the coaching process.


Contact me today to schedule your initial free, 20 minute Zoom chat to consider whether this might be the package for you.

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